Wizards for Real Backup

Wizards for Real Backup is a 3rd generation, cloud-based monitoring and reporting solution for IBM Spectrum Protect (Tivoli Storage Manager) backup environments. Get scheduled emails with backup status reports, alerts on mobile phone or email when systems are down and track the overall health of your backup environment in real-time 24/7.

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Top Features


User Configurable Dashboard

The entry point on WSP is the Status page, a highly configurable widget-based dashboard. The Status page can be set up individually for each user. Depending on the users interest area or what he or she is responsible for, the relevant Widgets are placed and configured for that particular need on one single screen providing an immediate overview of the installation. Widget settings can be stored as collections, and shared with colleagues. All Widgets link to detailed reports in the ”Object View” section.

IBM Backup Monitoring and Reporting Software


24x7 Monitoring

One of the most popular time saving features in WSP is the highly configurable 24x7 monitoring system. WSP receives information from your TSM servers around the clock and evaluates the incoming information against a set of pre-defined policies. The pre-defined policies will be enough in most cases but you can modify or extend the monitoring policies with very detailed granularity to fit the needs outlined in your companies SLA’s. So instead of seeking information about problem areas, you can shift your focus to other tasks until WSP notifies you about issues that require your attention. Notifications are delivered via email or text messages (SMS). 


Two-week event history for BA & TDP Nodes and VMs

The Event History gives you the full picture for the last two weeks for all planned backup/archive events. Click once - and see a pop-up with detailed informations about that days events . Click twice - and go directly to that Node's Event page.

In WSP you can also configure a daily scheduled email that gives you an overview of the state of the backupjobs for the last 24 hours. Sorted and colorcoded for easy overview, right in your mailbox.


Occupancy History

Occupancy History draws a historic occupancy graph for whatever domain, file space-type, storage pool or timeframe you may specify. An additional related feature is the Node Occupancy Growth wizard that compares occupancy levels between two different time periods. The policy can be set to either a minimum or maximum limit and then sends an automatic alert if the level is breached which helps the IT team become aware of abnormal growth immediately without having to pull multiple reports to find the same information.


Delta Reports

Delta-Reports lists differences in your TSM system between two given dates. WSP stores historical data about TSM’s performance, which enables you to document trends and changes in the system. Use delta-reports to track › New or discontinued nodes - practical when carrying out license audits. › New file spaces - New drives might have been added or existing file spaces may have been renamed. › File spaces with highest growth - reveal fast growing storage consumers. Or as shown here, the TOP-10 nodes with the highest occupancy growth:


Heat Maps

Heat Maps visualizes graphically TSM node activity and performance statistics on one screen or page. Heat Maps is a brilliant tool for discovering usage patterns in large datasets by providing a coloured heat map that lets you review up to 60 days activity. It allows you to easily pinpoint nodes that perform above or below average, or identify cyclic performance issues that would be hidden in traditional reports.


Configuration Overview

This page immediately gives you a clear overview of your servers. The page collects and displays a selection of key values from the Wizards for Real Backup plugin on a single page to give you an instant insight into the status and performance of the servers.


Client and Server Activity Graphs

Client Activity Graphs offers a visualization of all client related activities such as backup, restore, archive and retrieve. And from here, you can drill-down further to look at activity log data, occupancy and much more. There are also scatter charts that allow you to locate client operations that are pattern breakers. Similar reports are available for visualizing Server based activities.

IBM Spectrum Protect(TSM) Server Activity Chart


Activity Log Browser

Spectrum Protect’s(TSM) activity log reveals a lot of information IF you know what you are looking for. Unfortunately valuable information easily gets lost in the hundreds of thousands of log-entries. The Activity Log Browser is a unique analysis tool, that lets you overview an enormous amount of data. The Activity Log Browser report let's you drill down from Client or Server related messages all the way down to the actual messages from the Activity Log. The report also contains a powerful free-text search.


Drive & Library Utilization

To document the workload of your tape drives and libraries, you can use the following reports: Use the Gantt Summary to find idle periods:


Gantt Charts

Gantt summaries produces a visualization of the last 24 hours of activities in relation to each other. It makes it easy to see if certain backups or processes overlap.

Wizards Storage Portal (WSP) is a cloud-based reporting and storage resource management solution.

The WSP a plug-in for IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM), allows rapid deployment of a rich reporting and monitoring solution without athe need for additional hardware or databases. All meta-data is stored in the cloud and reports are available from any web browser or mobile device. Traditionally, backup reporting has been a daily email with a list of transferred GB’s, backup failures and error logs, but over the past decade, the activity pattern of backup systems has changed dramatically and the central backup system has grown to become a mission critical part of any company’s IT infrastructure.

This raises new demands for the reporting solutions also . The daily email is a thing of the past. Today’s backup reporting is online and up-to-date and it includes easy access to historical reports, drill-down of problem areas and factual data for documenting fulfillment of SLA’s.

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