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Wizards Storage Portal® is a non-intrusive cloud-based monitoring, analysis & reporting solution for IBM Spectrum Virtualize and IBM Spectrum Protect - that eliminates routine and resource demanding tasks.


Aitops for TSM and Storwize

Wizards for Virtual Storage

- for IBM Spectrum Virtualize and Storwize family

Wizards for Virtual Storage is a 3rd generation, cloud-based monitoring, alerting and reporting Storage Resource Management solution for IBM Spectrum Vitualize, SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and Storwize family (V3000, V5000, V7000)

Monitor your virtual storage by defining a wide variety of SLA's and alerts around configuration errors, performance issues, SAN problems and capacity usage. Explore your workloads by viewing visual representations of a vast amount of performance and capacity history about your primary storage resources.

  • Visualization of response times, read/write ratio, I/Os, transferred MBs
  • Help to calculate factors like storage growth, capacity utilization, response times, and unused data etc.
  • See both the storage footprint and the I/O's generated in the entire company

Wizards for Real Backup

- for IBM Spectrum Protect (IBM TSM)

Wizards for Real Backup is a 3rd generation, cloud-based backup monitoring, alerting and reporting SaaS solution for IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM)

Wizards for Real Backup allows rapid deployment of a rich reporting and monitoring solution without any need for additional hardware or databases. All meta-data is stored in the cloud and reports are available from any web browser or mobile device.

  • Highly configurable interface
  • Monitor your backup environment 24/7
  • Document storage growth and locate valuable storage space

Remote Backup Center module - for Hosting providers and MSP's
Read more about the Remote Backup Center module to WSP for Real Backup Click here

Operator for Real Backup

- for IBM Spectrum Protect (IBM TSM)

Operator for Real Backup is a modern, user-friendly front-end GUI for your IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) Servers. It's well suited for both beginners and experienced administrators.

  • Follows Spectrum Protect's (TSM) internal structures and command syntax
  • Uses animations and user-friendly guides to assist with off-site tape media handling
  • Uses context-based menus to help you compose advanced (TSM) commands
  • Logs all commands and IBM Spectrum Protect(TSM) responses to xml log files

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