LEGO virtualized 250 TB of data

LEGO IT Manager Arne Andersen

When IT systems can’t keep up with the business, it’s time to think outside the box. That’s why LEGO classified and virtualized 250 TB of data and built a structure that matches their growth.

Lego isn’t all fun and games. Or at any rate, there was a period where it wasn’t much fun for Enterprise Operations Manger, Arne Andersen. In fact, he had reached a point where he couldn’t deliver the service his organization required with the technology they possessed. The heat was on.

Not enough power, not enough space – Know the feeling?

Production and supply chain services had been moved abroad. Shorter delivery times were being demanded. And just to complicate matters a bit more, the company’s comprehensive product development work had been digitalized demanding a lot more data power and capacity. Maintenance was taking too long, and the size and number of files were growing, as were the databases.

Our technological capabilities simply couldn’t keep up" Andersen says.

The easy way out would have been to beef up by buying more servers, disks and so on. That, however, would have been like pouring water through a sieve. An intelligent, long-term solution was required.

The ability to move resources around freely

LEGO had already had positive experiences with virtualization of their servers, so it was only natural to continue the trend with storage management. With virtualization, a physical machine can incorporate multiple servers, and servers can then easily be created, changed, moved or removed.

Being able to move data independently of the hardware wherever and whenever increased capacity and performance were needed presented a huge advantage" Andersen says.

Why getting ahead is not what’s important

Andersen says that based on analyses and international assessments of progress, he believes that LEGO is way ahead in the area of virtual storage solutions. However, he’s quick to point out that this is not a business goal in and of itself.

We can see that we’re two years ahead of the market as a whole. But the critical factor isn’t that we’re early movers, but rather that we’ve ended up with a solution that will work for the long haul" Andersen says

The customer

LEGO develops and manufactures toys, experiences and teaching materials for children in more than 130 countries. The LEGO Group has approximately 8,000 employees, and it is the world’s fifth largest manufacturer of play materials.

The partner

B4Restore is comprised of experienced consultants who are certified in the enterprise backup and Storage Resource Management areas. Their focus is on development of tools that streamline administration of backup and storage systems and on a close working relationship with customers.

The solution

Wizards for SVC & Storwize®  – Storage management virtualization

The solution includes

  • SAP BI
  • Digital development tools
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Oracle Forms applications (Developed in-house)

Benefits include

  • Logical and physical layers isolated for greater efficiency
  • Power and cooling resources reduced
  • Faster deployment
  • Hardware downtime minimized
  • Resource allocation more dynamic and efficient

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