Storage Resource Management

Operational efficiency increases with secure web portal

Efficient IT storage and backup

With the Wizards Storage Portal®, you log in to your own web-hosted portal. There you receive online support from an expert partner who makes sure your data is secure, available and easy to use in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Reliable IT service with easy access web portal

With secure access to data, reports and analytics about your critical backup and data storage activities, your partner can offer a high level of service. They also have the information they need to help you forecast accurately to meet your business demands.

User friendly business portal offers access to key information

It’s easy to customize your Wizards Storage Portal status page with drag-and-drop widgets that offer you relevant information.

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Why Wizards Storage Portal

Why Wizards Storage Portal

Wizards Storage Portal is a cloud- based SRM tool for monitoring and analyzing IBM Storage and Backup environments in real time.
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