B&O break new ground – again

B & O

Bang & Olufsen became one of the world’s leading brands by doing things their own way. And when it comes to backup and storage management, they’ve broken the conventions again.

B&O is known for innovative design. As one journalist put it: “For 80 years, groundbreaking aesthetics coupled with sci-fi features, such as a CD player that opens with the wave of a hand, or self-equalizing speakers, have given B&O products a magical quality that transcends the stylistic comings and goings of competitors.”

The company, however, has been forward-thinking in areas other than design as well. When they went looking for a backup and Storage Resource Management solution, they searched for one that would help keep their IT department focused on specialized projects and tasks.  In order to keep up with the business, though, it also had to be flexible, effective and cost-efficient.

Hardware, what hardware?

The answer came in the form of backup and storage management solutions where the hardware is located at B&O but operated and monitored by a Debriefing Software partner via a Wizards Storage Portal® solution.

With these so-called cloud-based solutions, all operation, monitoring and service is handled by the Debriefing Software partner via the secure Wizards Storage Portal® connection. Because it’s a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution, there are no hardware requirements, and services are delivered at a fixed and foreseeable monthly charge.

Many happy returns (on investment)

B&O’s Senior Director of IT Peter Munk Larsen feels like his company is getting a lot for their money.

One of the big advantages of the solution is that it makes our IT-risk management work as smoothly as possible at a reasonable cost,”
Larsen says.
But above and beyond the financial aspect, the level of data security, up-time and response time has proven to be a compelling offer.

Need a new server – just tell your partner

The cloud-based web solution makes it easy to adjust the capacity and service levels as needed. For example, if a new server is needed for the backup solution or the SAN, or an existing server needs more space, they simply inform the partner who takes care of the rest. This means the IT team at B&O can stay lean and strategically focused.

The solution allows us to prioritize our own business-related projects over routine operational tasks. We ended up with a backup and storage solution that makes sure our data is secure, available and easy to use in the most cost-efficient way possible" Larsen says.
It’s reduced the complexity of our everyday operations, while at the same time improving our overview and control of costs and freeing up resources for business-critical IT tasks." Peter Munk Larsen, Senior Director of IT at Bang & Olufsen

The customer

Bang & Olufsen manufactures a highly distinctive and exclusive range of televisions, music systems, loudspeakers, telephones, and multimedia products that combine technological excellence with emotional appeal. Bang & Olufsen products are sold by over 1.200 dealers in more than 100 countries in an extensive network of retail stores.

The partner

B4Restore is comprised of experienced consultants who are certified in the enterprise backup and Storage Resource Management areas. Their focus is on development of tools that streamline administration of backup and storage systems and on a close working relationship with customers.

The Solution

Backup as a Service:
Wizards for TSM®
Storage as a service:
Wizards for SVC & Storwize®

The solution includes:

  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
  • IBM Intel backup servers
  • IBM DS4000 SAN for disk pools
  • IBM TS3500 Tape library for tape pools
  • IBM DS8300 SAN
  • IBM San Volume Controller (SVC)
  • IBM DS6800 SAN for CZ
  • IBM Fabric

Benefits include:

  • Fixed and foreseeable monthly costs
  • Frees up IT resources for business-critical tasks
  • Easy to adjust capacity and service levels as needed

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